Monday, July 16, 2018  
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Slow EFPOS at Dingo Dell Cafe and Ski School
Telephone and Internet communications are erratic at best at Mount Buffalo which can affect EFPOS services when purchasing from Dingo Dell Cafe and Mount Buffalo Ski School. It is recommended visitors bring cash which will make hiring toboggans, purchasing meals and coffee etc easier and quicker. Dingo Dell Cafe and day shelter is open 10 am to 5 pm 7 days a week during the snow season

There is good snow for snowplay and tobogganing at Dingo Dell and great snow at Cresta valley. All the cross country trails have good cover and fresh snow- so get up and play in the snow - free entry (Remember to carry chains and to bring your winter woollies). Dingo Dell Cafe and Mount Buffalo Ski School are open seven days a week so there is a warm place to sit and have a coffee and look out at the snow or book yourself a ski lesson or tour.



There are a range of snow hike trails available at Mount Buffalo during the snow season

Please note that the Horn Road, Beginners Loop and Bogong loop at Cresta are only for snow shoes and cross country skiing and that walking on these trails puts footprints in the snow that ruin the trails and can seriously injure skiers when conditions are icy. Hiking on the reservoir road should also be avoided as this is a cross country ski and snow shoe trail.

Hike with a friend, let someone know where you are going, carry a map and compass, a Telstra mobile phone (note that many areas do not have reception) and consider carrying a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB). Warm outdoor clothes and wet weather gear should be worn / carried.

The trails below the Plateau top are normally snow free and the gorge precinct and the hikes on the gorge rim are often clear of snow as well. The best snow hiking starts from the Monolith track through to Cresta Valley depending on snow levels

Some recommended snow hikes and a map of hikes at Cresta Valley are shown below


SHORT HIKES (Distance is return)

The Old Galleries 1km ....  1 Hour

The Sentinal and Mahomets Tomb 2.6 km ..... 3 Hours

Og Gog and Magog 3km ..... 3 Hours

Cathedral and Hump 2km .... 3 Hours


Macs Point 8km ..... 6 to 7 Hours

South Buffalo 8km ... 6 to 7 Hours

Long Plain to Mount Dunn 8km ... 7 to 8 Hours

Eagle Point and Mollison Galleries 18 km .... 8 to 10 Hours