Monday, July 16, 2018  
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Slow EFPOS at Dingo Dell Cafe and Ski School
Telephone and Internet communications are erratic at best at Mount Buffalo which can affect EFPOS services when purchasing from Dingo Dell Cafe and Mount Buffalo Ski School. It is recommended visitors bring cash which will make hiring toboggans, purchasing meals and coffee etc easier and quicker. Dingo Dell Cafe and day shelter is open 10 am to 5 pm 7 days a week during the snow season

There is good snow for snowplay and tobogganing at Dingo Dell and great snow at Cresta valley. All the cross country trails have good cover and fresh snow- so get up and play in the snow - free entry (Remember to carry chains and to bring your winter woollies). Dingo Dell Cafe and Mount Buffalo Ski School are open seven days a week so there is a warm place to sit and have a coffee and look out at the snow or book yourself a ski lesson or tour.



Dingo Dell is the easiest snowplay area to access and it has extensive parking, a cafe, cross country ski school and small shop with a small range of ski gear such as gloves and beanies plus hire toboggans.

The slopes at Dingo Dell have tobogganing for a wide range of ages, in particular for children, also a cross country ski lesson area, 

Older visitors looking for faster tobogganing or back country ski or snow boarding (Hike up and ski down) should drive further up the mountain to Cresta where there is a far steeper and more extensive snow terrain. Cresta is also the hub for a number of cross country and snow hike / snow shoe trails