Monday, November 20, 2017  
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With the snow gone, work is well underway to get ready for the summer season. Work is being carried out across the park to clear tracks and to fix and improve infrastructure. Visitors may experience some disruption to services and access to some areas.

Eurobin FallsAccess above the Lower Eurobin Falls Track will be restricted while work to repair and replace steps is undertaken. Signs will be in place to advise visitors while work is underway. Access
to the Lower Eurobin Falls and Lady Bath Falls
is open to visitors during this time but staff and contractors may be moving along the track with materials and machinery.Dates:  3 weeks 18/10 to 10/11

The Gorge Access to the lower end of The Gorge car park will be restricted while work is completed to upgrade the septic system.

Visitors will still have access to the Stone Hut and the Echo Point & Hang Glider Lookouts while work is being completed. Access to the Underground River will be via View Point Track. There will be increased truck and machinery traffic on Mount Buffalo Road to the Gorge and within the car park area. The toilets may be closed for a short period when the new system is connected but portable toilets will be placed in the car park during this short period of time.Dates: 23/10 to 25/11

‘The Horn Road’ Mount Buffalo Road from Cresta to The Horn. The Seasonal Road Closure on ‘The Horn Road’ remains in place until Thursday before Melbourne Cup weekend. The gravel section of road from Cresta to ‘The Horn’ will be graded before it
reopens. Visitors may experience trucks and machinery traveling on Mount Buffalo Road during this time.

Walking Tracks. Rangers will be systematically making their way along our track network to clear them of fallen timber and brush cut overhanging vegetation. If you would like to report any tracks that have trees down across them please leave a note in the Park Visitor Centre at the ranger station.

Cheers Michelle

Michelle Doherty Ranger Team Leader Ovens Area, Mt Buffalo National Park

T:  8427 2581 I 
M: 0417 157 940 I E:



Note that we are normally required to carry chains and fit where directed during July and August as this is the main snowfall and icy road period


The rules for the carrying and use of snow chains at Mount Buffalo national park this winter are detailed below.

Previously visitors were required to carry wheel chains within Mt Buffalo National park during the declared snow season. This traditionally was from the Queens Birthday weekend in June until sometime in September when the larger resorts decided to close.
Given that Mt Buffalo is significantly lower than the larger resorts this often meant that we required chains to be carried up here on the plateau when there was little or no snow on the ground and the road was dry and clear. This may have been appropriate previously, particularly when we had visitors staying on the mountain during winter for extended periods, however this is no longer the case.
We have now, however, moved to a much more flexible system whereby we can remove the requirement to carry chains to Mt Buffalo if the forecast is fine and clear for the next 24hrs and the road is clear and dry.
The basic concept is that during the declared snow season when either snow is forecast for under 1600 metres. The highest point on the roads at Mount Buffalo during winter being over 1550 metres, or when potentially hazardous snow or ice conditions exist on the road, chains will be required, when neither of these conditions exist we can remove the requirement to carry chains.
How does this work?

1. The Chains Must Be Carried sign at the entrance to Mt Buffalo is ultimately the official word on whether chains need to be carried or not. When this sign is closed, chains will not be required and when it is open chains must be carried. Mt Buffalo Ranger staff will be managing this.

2. Every day at approximately 9am an email update of current snow conditions on Mt Buffalo will be sent to Visitor Information Centers, Ski Hires and other stakeholders. This report will include whether chains are required to be carried.

3. Every day at approx 4pm the Duty Ranger at Mt Buffalo will assess the forecast weather conditions for the next 24hrs and the state of the road and make a determination as to whether chains will be required for the following day. If there is a change to the current situation you will all receive another email simply informing you of the change.
4.Does this mean it will change every day? No we are expecting the determination to be reasonably consistent given that the Mt Buffalo road does have areas that hold snow and ice for some time creating hazardous conditions. The biggest change will be at the start and end of the season when the snow either has not arrived yet or has left us early.
5. What about AWD and 4WD? There is no differentiation and these rules apply to all vehicles.

The key reason for this change is to increase accessibility to the Mt Buffalo for as many people as possible.


Please carry and fit chains as the signage directs and have a great visit to Mount Buffalo the winter wonderland.


Julien Atherstone
Mount Buffalo National Park
Parks Victoria